Chad Brachmann Picks Up Win #5 on the Season at Thunder Mountain Speedway on Friday Night

Posted by The Modified Tour Inc. on August 29, 2021 at 12:15 AM

By: Pam Baker


Marble, PA ……. August 27, 2021 ……


The BRP Modified Tour completed their tenth race of the 2021 season on Friday night at Thunder Mountain Speedway in Brookville, PA. There were 18 cars on hand for the event and Mother Nature stayed away to let the cars compete in the 35-lap event.


Rex King, Sr. and Eric Gabany led the field to the drop of the green but before a lap was completed the caution flag waved as Rex King, Jr., Rick Regalski and Brian Swartzlander came together in turn four. On the restart the caution flag waved again for Eric Gabany as his motor expired after taking the lead in turn one. On the third try Rex King, Sr. jumped out ahead of JR McGinley and led the pack until lap seven when the caution flag waved once again for Steve Slater who spun in turn four.


On the single file restart, Rex King, Sr. once again took command of the lead with ninth place starter Chad Brachmann now sitting in second ahead of JR McGinley. Brachmann went to work on King,Sr. and the caution flag waved once again for Garrett Krummert after tangling with Tony Pangrazio and Steve Slater. Krummert retired from the event while the other two tagged the back of the field.The final restart on lap eighteen found King, Sr. and Brachmann going after one another and after some banging of the two cars Brachmann took the lead on lap twenty-seven but King, Sr. fought back and led the next three laps before Brachmann once again did a slide job in turn two to get the lead and went on to pick up the feature win.


Finishing second was Rex King, Sr. Brian Swartzlander who was involved in the initial start accident came from the back of the pack to challenge for second several times, but ended up third at the stripe. Fourth place went to JR McGinley with Rex King, Jr. making his way from the rear to finish fifth.


Heat races were won by Garrett Krummert and Chad Brachmann. The BRP Modified Tour was to venture to Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday night but early afternoon rains washed out the program. The next event on the schedule for the BRP Modified Tour will be Sunday, September 5, 2021 at Tri City Raceway. BRP Modified Tour board member Deanne Byers and race car driver Brad Rapp’s wife, Ashley have put together a Clash for Cash for the upcoming race at Tri City and have raised $1,075 for finishing positions 1-26 with each position receiving at least an extra $25 for each position as well as a few of the laps have $300 extra to be divided between them. They also have collected 13 different contingency awards valued at $100 each to be given away on Sunday night.


This will make the Labor Day weekend event at Tri City Raceway a special event for the drivers and one you won’t want to miss. The BRP Modified Tour would also like to welcome Epertherner Auto Wrecking of Grove City, PA back as a sponsor for the 2021 racing season.


Feature Finish: Chad Brachmann, Rex King, Sr., Brian Swartzlander, JR McGinley, Rex King, Jr., Rick Regalski, Dave Murdick, Brad Rapp, Paul Kot, Shawn Kozar, Tony Pangrazio, Steve Slater, Mark Frankhouser, Garrett Krummert, Rodney Beltz , Eric Gabany, Chris Rudolph and Steve Barr – DNS.

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