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Garrett Krummert Picks Up Feature Win at Hummingbird Speedway

Posted by The Modified Tour Inc. on June 5, 2021 at 1:50 PM



Pam Baker


Marble, PA….6/5/2021….The original race for the season at Hummingbird Speedway was rained out on May 29th due to cold, rainy weather, but the make-up event brought sunny blue skies and warm temperatures. Garrett Krummert showed the rest of the field what it is like to have a great car on a beautifully prepared race track as he picked up the feature win from the sixth starting position.


By luck of the redraw on the front straightaway in front of the fans at Hummingbird Speedway, Dave Murdick and Rex King, Jr. brought the twenty-car field around to the drop of the green flag. Murdick was able to get the lead coming off the fourth turn on the first lap. A caution after lap two was completed for a spin in turn four that collected Steve Slater, JR McGinley, Steve Barr and Nathan McDowell regrouped the field for the restart. Rex King, Jr. was on his game and took the lead away on lap three before the caution flew once again for Paul Kot who came to a stop on the back stretch after losing his brakes.


When the race resumed King was the leader and Krummert made the pass on Murdick for second. This duo raced side by side for several laps before Krummert was able to make a sweeping pass coming off of turn three to get the lead on lap fourteen.


Meanwhile while this was taking place, Brad Rapp who started in fifth was moving to the front and took over third place on the fourteen lap. He then began the real battle for second position with King, Jr. and even though lapped traffic started to play an important role, kept his cool and took second away on lap twenty-four.


Once Krummert was out front, he cruised to an easy victory over Brad Rapp who had his best race with the BRP Modified Tour in quite some time. Rex King, Jr. finished third with Rex King, Sr. fourth and Chad Brachmann rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Rex King, Jr., Chad Brachmann and Brad Rapp.


Coming up next on the BRP Modified Tour schedule will be Bedford Speedway on Sunday, June 13th and then the Rick Hall Memorial Race will be next on Saturday, June 19th at Michaels Mercer Raceway.


Feature Finish: Garrett Krummert, Brad Rapp, Rex King, Jr., Rex King, Sr., Chad Brachmann, Dave Murdick, Rick Regalski, Tony Pangrazio, Kyle Fink, Mike Dougherty, Chris Rudolph, Shawn Kozar, Mark Frankhouser, John Venuto, Rodney Beltz, Steve Slater, Nathan McDowell, Paul Kot, JR McGinley, Steve Barr, Eric Gabany – DNS



Brachmann wins BRP Modified Tour event at Tyler County

Posted by The Modified Tour Inc. on May 1, 2021 at 1:55 PM



Middlebourne, WV, May 1, 2021….. – Chad Brachmann made the long tow from Sandborn, N.Y. pay off on Saturday night when he held off a hard-charging Garrett Krummert over the middle stages of the 35-lap feature to record the $3,000 win and his first BRP Modified Tour triumph of 2021 at the Tyler County Speedway.


By luck of the draw, Brachmann would start on the pole for the feature but it would be outside pole sitter Brad Rapp getting the jump into turn one and taking the lead.


Rapp would lead the first seven circuits before Brachmann took the lead in a wild, three-wide battle on the front stretch coming to the line. “It got dicey for a few laps,” Brachmann said of the battle for the lead. “The preferred line was the outside line and Brad was running it until he bobbled.”


On the lap five restart, Rapp continued to lead the field until turn two when Brachmann drove under Rapp and lead on the backstretch while Krummert pulled alongside Rapp on the backstretch. Brachman would go high in turn three, opening the door for Rapp and Krummert to get under him and that’s when Brachmann turned his car hard and came down the banking to make it a three-car battle for the lead with Brachmann on the low side, Krummert in the middle and Rapp on the outside with King Jr. following Krummert’s tire tracks.


Brachmann led briefly at the line while Rapp took the outside line and Krummert went low. As the four cars entered the first turn, Rapp would spin out on his own to bring out the caution just as Brachmann had made the pass on Krummert for the lead on the low side of the first and second turns. “The key to making that pass was when they (Rapp and Krummert) slid up in front of me, I knew I to turn hard to turn the car inside to get a run-down off the banking,” Brachmann said. “You have to take any opportunity that you can when you have a small little bull ring like that.”


Brachmann would spend the next segment of the race holding off Krummert until he was able to get his car to the high side and open up his lead in the late stages of the race. Brachmann’s night almost came to end with under 10 to go when he got squeezed up into the front stretch wall by a lapped car, but was able to continue on and not lose any momentum or his lead over Krummert. “I was worried that it was going to do damage to the car, but I kind of glanced off the guardrail. It was a lot closer than I would have liked,” Bachmann added.


Brachman is the sixth different winner in eight races for the BRP Modified Tour at the quarter-mile track. It was Brachmann’s seventh win with the Tour which ties him for ninth on the all-time win list with Jim Rasey. Krummert would hold on to finish second with Eric Gabany, JR McGinley, and Kyle Fink rounding out the top five. Sixth through 10th were Rex King Sr., Rapp, Steve Barr, Rick Regalski, and Jim Rasey.


Heats for the 25 big block modifieds were won by Dave Murdick, McGinley, and Krummert.


Friday night’s event at Ohio Valley Speedway in Washington, West Virginia, was canceled due to wet grounds. The BRP Modified Tour returns to action on Saturday, May 29 at Hummingbird Speedway.


FINISH: Chad Brachmann, Garrett Krummert, Rex King Jr., Eric Gabany, JR McGinley, Kyle Fink, Rex King Sr., Brad Rapp, Steve Barr, Rick Regalski, Jim Rasey, Tony Pangrazio, Paul Kot, Mike Turner, Mark Frankhouser, Chris Rudolph, Tom Glenn, Dillon Barr, Rodney Beltz, Shawn Kozar, Steve Slater, Nathan McDowell, John Venuto, Mike Dougherty, Dave Murdick.



Rex King, Jr. captures BRP Modified opener at Michaels Mercer Raceway

Posted by The Modified Tour Inc. on March 28, 2021 at 2:00 PM

By: Pam Baker


Marble, PA…..3/28/2021………. Rex King, Jr. became the first winner for the BRP Modified Tour racing series for 2021. A beautiful evening was on tap for March with temperatures in the 60’s and the racing action was great for the Chiller Thriller held at Michaels Mercer Raceway.


There were 29 drivers registered in the pit area for the first of seventeen races on the BRP Modified Tour schedule. By the top 12 redraw, Brad Rapp and Rex King, Jr. brought the 27 car starting field to the drop of the green flag. On the initial start, Gale Ruth, Sr. came to a stop in turn four to bring out the caution before a lap could be completed. On the second start a melee of cars came together in turn two bringing out the second caution. A third start found Jim Rasey stopping on the front stretch to bring out the third caution.


According to BRP rules after the third caution the field goes single file the rest of the race and once this happened a clean start took place with Rex King, Jr. jumping out into the lead. The race went green for seven laps with King, Jr. in the lead and Garrett Krummert trying everything to get by King, Jr. A caution flag on lap seven for Paul Kot brought the field together once again. On the restart, King, Jr. once took command but Krummert was hot on his rear bumper and once the leaders got into lapped traffic on lap fourteen the race between King, Jr. and Krummert really heated up.


Rex King, Jr. was able to keep his cool and total control of his car and was able to lead until lap twenty-one when the caution flew once again for debris on the track. Another restart found King, Jr. once again in the lead and with five to go the caution flag flew for the last time for Brad Rapp who spun on the front stretch. The final restart saw King, Jr. in control and went the final five laps to get his first win of the season. King, Jr. picked up where he left off last season with the BRP Modified Tour as he captured the season finale last year at Hummingbird Speedway and now has his first win under his belt for 2021.


The final finish saw Rex King, Jr. ahead of Garrett Krummert, Justin Haers, Chad Brachmann, and Erick Rudolph. Heat races were won by Haers, Krummert and Dave Murdick.


The BRP will have a month off before their next race which will be held in a two-day weekend in West Virginia at Ohio Valley Speedway on April 30th and Tyler County Speedway on May 1st.


Feature Finish: Rex King, Jr., Garrett Krummert, Justin Haers, Chad Bachmann, Erick Rudolph, Rex King, Sr., Dave Murdick, Rick Regalski, Greg Martin, Kyle Fink, Brad Rapp, Eric Gabany, Tom Glenn, Mark Frankhouser, Steve Barr, Shawn Kozar, Marshall Hurd, James Sweeting, Jim Rasey, John Venuto, Paul Kot, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Tony Pangrazio, Brian Sadler, Curt Bish, Jr., Rodney Beltz, Gale Ruth, Sr., Kevin Green – DNS; Steve Slater – DNS

2021X Bicknell Chassis Won By Rodney Beltz

Posted by Pam Baker on December 14, 2020 at 4:10 AM

Hummingbird Speedway fans were given to the chance to see the top 19 drivers that had perfect attendance do a reverse draw for the 2021X Bicknell chassis, sponsored by Pete Bicknell, Randy Williamson and Bob Slack of Bicknell Racing Products out of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It came down to the final two of Rex King, Jr. and Rodney Beltz and Rodney Beltz ended up the winner of the brand new chassis. This chassis was worth approximately $5,600.

Rex King, Jr. captures the first ever BRP Modified Tour race at Hummingbird Speedway and the 2020 BRP Modified Tour Championship

Posted by Pam Baker on December 14, 2020 at 4:05 AM



BY: Pam Baker



September 5, 2020……Marble, PA….. Rex King, Jr. had a flawless night for the first time to ever race at the 1/3 mile clay oval at Hummingbird Speedway, winning his heat race, the feature and the 2020 BRP Modified Tour Championship title.


There were 29 BRP Modifieds filling the crowded pit area at Hummingbird Speedway for the first ever visit to the track. Before the feature ever started, the fans were given to the chance to see the top 19 drivers that had perfect attendance do a reverse draw for the 2021X Bicknell chassis, sponsored by Pete Bicknell, Randy Williamson and Bob Slack of Bicknell Racing Products out of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. It came down to the final two of Rex King, Jr. and Rodney Beltz and Rodney Beltz ended up the winner of the brand new chassis. This chassis was worth approximately $5,600.


The 26 car starting field of ground pounding Modifieds took to the speedway for their 35-lap feature event with Garrett Krummert and Rex King, Jr. by the luck of the redraw that also took place in front of the crowd at Hummingbird Speedway on the front row. Rex King, Jr. jumped out into the lead at the drop of the green flag and the first caution flag waved after the completion of lap one when Dillon Barr got into the outside guardrail in turn two.


On the restart, King, Jr. once again got the jump over Krummert and brought the field around with Krummert in second, Chad Brachmann third and Chris Rudolph fourth. A couple caution periods slowed the action, but King, Jr. used lapped traffic successfully and by the end of the feature had a 10 car length lead over second place Brachmann. Rex King, Sr. who started seventh worked his way into third over Krummert on the twenty-eighth lap and last weeks winner at Tri City Raceway Park, Jim Rasey advanced from his ninth starting position into fifth by the end.


At the checkers, Rex King, Jr. won over Chad Brachmann, Rex King, Sr., Garrett Krummert and Jim Rasey. Paul Kot came from the eleventh starting position to finish sixth over Ryan Susice, Chris Rudolph, Phil Vigneri, III and Kyle Fink.


Heats were won by Dave Murdick, Garrett Krummert, Rex King, Jr. and Jim Rasey. The B-Main was won by JR McGinley. Brad Rapp was sidelined from the nights activities with ignition problems.


Rex King, Jr. also picked up his fourth BRP Modified Tour Championship and his third Championship in a row. He collected championship titles in 2014, 2018, 2019 and now in 2020. Unofficially Rex King, Jr. won with 438 points, a 19 point difference from second place Garrett Krummert with 419 points. Third in the points went to Rex King, Sr. with 416 and fourth was Jim Rasey with 413 points. Fifth in points went to Chad Brachmann with 396 points. Sixth through tenth in points went to Rick Regalski, Dave Murdick, Paul Kot, Brad Rapp and Phil Vigneri, III.


The 2020 BRP Modified Tour Racing Series has now come to a close, and we would like to thank all our drivers, fans and sponsors for having the best season that we could despite everything that is going in the world this year. We will not be having a banquet this year, due to the COVID -19 restrictions that are in place right now, but we will send the drivers their point fund money the first part of November. The point fund will be determined once we determine the total of the money we have collected this season from our races and our wonderful sponsors.


The BRP Modified Tour will be starting our 24th season in 2021 and are working on plans to make our 25th season in 2022 on our biggest and best seasons ever. We hope this world gets back to somewhat normal, and that our 2021 season will be a good for us. We have started negotiations with race tracks for 2021 and as soon as we have commitments from speedways we will pass the word on to you through emails, Facebook and our website .


Thank you so very much to everyone, drivers, race tracks, sponsors and our loyal fans that made this crazy season a successful one, and Congratulations to our 2020 Season Champion Rex King, Jr.



Feature Finish: Rex King, Jr., Chad Brachmann, Rex King, Sr., Garrett Krummert, Jim Rasey, Paul Kot, Ryan Susice, Chris Rudolph, Phil Vigneri, III, Kyle Fink, Tom Glenn, JR McGinley, Shawn Kozar, Mark Frankhouser, Steve Slater, Greg Martin, Rick Reglaksi, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Kevin Hoffman, Jeff Schaffer, Jr., Skip Moore, Dave Murdick, Eric Gabany, Travis Shingledecker, Dillon Barr, Steve Barr DNQ: Rodney Beltz, Ryan Riffe, DNS: Brad Rapp

Ransomville Speedway Cancels Remaining 2020 Season

Posted by Pam Baker on December 14, 2020 at 3:55 AM

RANSOMVILLE, NY (August 11, 2020) – The continued extension of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order number 202.32, which prohibits spectators at auto racing events, has forced Ransomville Speedway management to announce the cancellation of its 2020 racing season. The order, which has been continually extended for the past two months, was extended recently to August 29. With so few scheduled events remaining on the schedule after that date, and with the unlikely scenario Cuomo will not extend his order yet again, the speedway is forced to make this decision.


Sadly, like many other businesses throughout the state of New York, the speedway was ready to open effectively in late June when the Governor’s Phase 4 rollout was to begin. Phase 4 was to include low-risk outdoor activities and entertainment but it was not to be.


“Like many other tracks and businesses across the state, we waited patiently in the spring for phase 4 to begin and used that time to develop the appropriate safeguards at the track to be CDC compliant,” said general manager Jenn Martin, “We have been prepared to open with a safe environment for our racing family for two months, unfortunately, the Governor’s ‘phase 4’ appears to be little more than fiction.”


Ransomville Speedway is one of approximately 50% of the motorsports facilities in the state that has not hosted an event in 2020. Several tracks have opened for a limited number of events with varying success. While Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order that was released on June 1 permits racing without fans, it simply was not appealing to most New York State tracks, including Ransomville.


“Hosting successful events is dependent on three major components – participants, fans and sponsorships. It is challenging to successfully operate when fans aren’t permitted and sponsorships are so dependent on crowds,” said Martin. “Short tracks like ours need all things to work in unison to be successful. Plus racing at Ransomville is just not complete without all the excited fans joining us every Friday Night. It just wouldn’t be the same”

Track Management would like to thank all the competitors, fans, sponsors, officials and staff for their patience, understanding and support during this time of uncertainty. Most of all, for all to remain healthy and safe as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down. Speedway management will begin planning for the 2021 racing season, with announcements to be released as they become available.



Jim Rasey captures the BRP Modified Tour Rick Hall Memorial Race at Tri City Raceway

Posted by Pam Baker on December 14, 2020 at 3:45 AM



By: Pam Baker



August 30, 2020……Marble, PA …… Jim Rasey captured his first BRP Modified Tour race of the 2020 season on the night which he honored two special people. First his sponsor, George Poschner, Jr. who passed away during the week and second the late Rick Hall who passed away from cancer on November 11, 2019.


The family of Rick Hall was in attendance at this special race which honored our former BRP Modified Tour board member, our Race Director over the past few years, a race car driver, a business man owning both Big Daddy’s Speed Center and Hall’s Safety Equipment in Grove City, PA and last of all a friend to all. Rick was taken from us way too early, but he fought a great battle right up to the end.


There were 34 cars registered in the pit area and Tri City Raceway promoter, Merle Black decided that he would start all cars in the feature. When feature time came, the drivers brought their cars out to the speedway for a driver introduction session and then a group picture. Unfortunately, JR McGinley was unable to make the call due to ignition problems in his Ryder Racing owned machine. Thirty-three cars paced the field, and using the missing man formation thrilled the fans with their four-abreast formation before the start of the feature. History was made as this was the largest starting field of Big Block Modifieds ever to start in Western PA.


When the green flag dropped Jim Rasey and Chad Brachmann led the full field to the green flag, but before a completed lap could go down in the record books Brian Swartzlander spun in turn four in front of the field. The red flag was displayed and several cars sustained damage in the accident including Rick Regalski who flipped over the top of the Swartzlander machine. Regalski was helped to the ambulance by the EMT’s, but would come back out onto the track eight laps down to run several laps before his crew called him back to the pit area. Other drivers involved in the accident were Steve Slater, Dave Murdick, Eric Gabany and Erick Rudolph. Murdick and Gabany were able to restart while Swartzlander, Rudolph and Slater were towed to the pit area.


The green flag waved for the second start of the race and Jim Rasey took off into the lead ahead of Brachmann, Rex King, Jr. and Garrett Krummert. The caution flew on lap eight for Shawn Kozar who spun in turn four. On the restart, Rasey once again took command of the race and within five laps started encountering lapped traffic. Rasey worked his way through the lapped cars and had stretched out a four car length lead before the caution flew once again on lap twenty-one when the lights on the front stretch went out.


Once the lights came back up, two laps were completed before the caution flew once again for Tom Holden who lost a driveshaft. The race resumed, with Rasey in the lead, but once again the caution flew for Jeremiah Shingledecker who stopped on the track in turn two.


The final ten laps were run caution free with Rasey in command the entire time. He went on to pick up the win. Rex King, Jr. who started in seventh position finished second ahead of


Chad Brachmann, Garrett Krummert and Rex King, Sr. Brad Rapp finished sixth ahead of Phil Vigneri, III, Paul Kot, Robbie Johnston and Dave Murdick. Heats were won by Jim Rasey, Rick Regalski, Chad Brachmann and Phil Vigneri, III.


Rick Hall’s car number when he drove a Modified was B-4, so we presented some special awards for this event with the first being $250 from the BRP Modified Tour for the driver who was in 4th place at the halfway point of the feature. That award went to Rex King, Sr. The second award was $200 for the driver that finished 4th in the feature, which went to Garrett Krummert. $100 went to the driver who had Hard Luck and that award went to Rick Regalski. The Hard Charger award of $100 went to Mark Frankhouser who started in the 32nd position and finished 17th advancing 14 positions during the feature. Every driver that started the race was guaranteed at least $200 to start.


The final race of the 2020 BRP Modified Tour season will be held on September 5, 2020 at Hummingbird Speedway. This is the first ever appearance by the BRP Modified Tour at Hummingbird Speedway and the drivers are excited to run at this track as it has a great history behind the speedway. We will also be doing the reverse draw for the nineteen drivers that hold perfect attendance in front of the fans at Hummingbird for the 2020 Bicknell Chassis.



Feature Finish: Jim Rasey, Rex King, Jr., Chad Brachmann, Garrett Krummert, Rex King, Sr., Brad Rapp, Phil Vigneri, III, Paul Kot, Robbie Johnston, Dave Murdick, Eric Gabany, Steve Feder, Chris Rudolph, Rick Richner, Shawn Kozar, Richard Whitney, Mark Frankhouser, Kevin Green, Max Smoker, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Tom Holden, Kevin Hoffman, Clyde Gump, Rodney Beltz, Dillon Barr, Rick Regalski, Ray Bliss, Thomas Urey, Greg Martin, Steve Barr, Brian Swartzlander, Erick Rudolph, Steve Slater, JR McGinley – DNS.



Chad Brachmann picks up the BRP Modified Tour Feature Victory at the 2nd Michaels Memorial

Posted by Pam Baker on December 14, 2020 at 3:45 AM


By: Pam Baker



August 8, 2020……..Marble, PA…. Chad Brachmann was the class of the field on Saturday night for the BRP Modified Tour event held in memory of the Edward Michaels family at Michaels Mercer Raceway Park.


There were 28 cars registered in the pit area for the event, but Kevin Hoffman and Shawn Fleeger had mechanical problems during the heat races that ended their evening early. The 26 car starting field was led to the green flag by Tom Glenn and Chad Brachmann. The first five laps were uneventful until Rex King, Sr. brought out the yellow on lap five. After this caution, two red flag periods took place when eleven cars both times blocked the track after the restarts. No one was injured but after these two red flag periods, the field was reduced to 18 cars for the restart of lap six.


Chad Brachmann who had led the first five laps found Rex King, Jr. right on his back bumper followed by Jim Rasey and Paul Kot after the restart. A caution on lap nine for JR McGinley who spun in turn three grouped the field back together and after the restart, King, Jr. bobbled just enough to let Jim Rasey and Garrett Krummert make the pass for second and third. The caution flag flew once again on lap fourteen for Rodney Beltz who came to a stop on the apron on the front straightaway.


Once racing resumed, Brachmann was in charge and started to pull away from Rasey and Krummert. Rex King, Jr. started his charge back towards the front again and by lap twenty-eight had made his way into second, but was unable to catch and pass Brachmann who held on to lead every lap and pick up the $5,000 top prize money. Chad Brachmann also was awarded $50 for the Fastest Lap award compliments of Competition Carburetion of Sun Valley, NV. On top of that Brachmann also received $100 compliments on Alex Snyder, a fan of the Modified division at Michaels Mercer Raceway Park.


Finishing second behind Brachmann was Rex King, Jr. followed by Garrett Krummert, Jim Rasey and Brad Rapp. Brad Rapp will receive an extra $10 in his check in loving memory of Ed Hallstein, grandfather of Sue Kane and Steve Barr and Great Grandfather of Dillon Barr, who raced at Mercer many years ago and passed away last season. Also receiving a $10 bonus will be 20th place finisher Tom Glenn, in memory of Ed Hallstein.


Bob Oliver of Competition Carburetion also awarded $250 to the driver that towed the farthest distance to get to Michaels Mercer Raceway Park and collecting that money is Greg Martin who traveled 193 miles from his home in New York.


Heat races were won by Rex King, Sr., Dave Murdick and Jim Rasey. The next race on the BRP Modified Tour schedule will be the Rick Hall Memorial Race at Tri City Raceway Park on Sunday, August 30, 2020. The way it is looking right now, the season ender will take place at Hummingbird Speedway on Saturday, September 5, 2020 in our first ever visit to the Bird!


Feature Finish: Chad Brachmann, Rex King, Jr., Garrett Krummert, Jim Rasey, Brad Rapp, Paul Kot, Steve Slater, Greg Martin, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Phil Vigneri, III, JR McGinley, Chris Rudolph, Rick Regalski, Mark Frankhouser, Eric Gabany, Rex King, Sr., Dillon Barr, Rodney Beltz, Dave Murdick, Tom Glenn, Steve Barr, Shawn Kozar, Kyle Fink, Scott Kay, Dave Reges, Ryan Riffe, DNS: Shawn Fleeger, Kevin Hoffman


Revised 08/12/20



Erick Rudolph Makes It Four for Four at Thunder Mountain Speedway

Posted by Pam Baker on September 2, 2020 at 1:55 AM



By: Pam Baker



July 24, 2020…..Marble, PA…. On a beautiful night at Thunder Mountain Speedway, Erick Rudolph made it four for four by winning the BRP Modified Tour 35-lap feature event.


There were 27 cars filling the pit area at Thunder Mountain Speedway in Brookville, PA on Friday night for the fifth race in the BRP Modified Tour series. Bedford Speedway winner, Garrett Krummert and Rick Regalski brought the 26 car field to the drop of the green flag.


Rick Regalski led the first lap, but Garrett Krummert took that position away on lap two. Before the third lap could be completed, a pile-up in turn four that found Mark Frankhouser, Chris Rudolph, Steve Feder, Steve Slater and Ralph McBride all collected at the bottom of the speedway.


On the restart, Krummert jumped out once again into the lead with Regalski and Erick Rudolph fighting for the second position. Lap ten would find Rudolph finally making his way past Regalski for second. The caution flag flew once again for Ralph McBride which would end his night.


Krummert led once again until misfortune on lap twenty entered the picture and ended his night after breaking a shock and bird cage. Rudolph who was sitting in second, inherited the lead, but Rex King, Jr. had made his way into third and challenged Rudolph on the restart.


Rudolph and King, Jr. battled back and forth for a couple laps before Rudolph pulled out to a couple car lengths ahead of King, Jr. and the duo entered heavy lapped traffic by lap thirty. Rudolph held on to pick up his fourth win in four races with the BRP Modified Tour.


Following Rudolph across the line was King, Jr. Finishing third was Brian Swartzlander followed by Jim Rasey and Chad Brachmann. Rounding out the top ten were Rick Regalski, Rex King, Sr., JR McGinley, Colton Walters and Paul Kot. Heats were won by Rex King, Sr., Brian Swartzlander and Rex King, Jr.


The BRP Modified Tour will head to Michaels Mercer Raceway on August 8th for the running of the Michaels Family Memorial Race. The raindate for this race will be August 15th.



Feature Finish: Erick Rudolph, Rex King, Jr., Brian Swartzlander, Jim Rasey, Chad Brachmann, Rick Regalski, Rex King, Sr., JR McGinley, Colton Walter, Paul Kot, Ricky Richner, Eric Gabany, Mark Frankhouser, Shawn Kozar, Brad Rapp, Steve Slater, Chris Rudolph, Garrett Krummert, Greg Martin, Steve Barr, Phil Vigneri, III, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Dave Murdick, Rodney Beltz, Ralph McBride, Steve Feder




Posted by Pam Baker on August 10, 2020 at 6:05 PM

BRP Modified Tour Welcomes Competition Carburetion as New Sponsor


By: Pam Baker


Marble, PA….. July 20, 2020…..The BRP Modified Tour racing series would like to welcome Competition Carburetion of Sun Valley, Nevada on board as a new 2020 sponsor. Owner, Bob Oliver, will be presenting the BRP Modified Tour with sponsorship as part of his “2020 Send It” program.

Competition Carburetion will sponsor the Fast Lap Cash award of $50 at Thunder Mountain Raceway on Friday, July 24th and also at Michaels Mercer Raceway on Saturday, August 8th. The award will go to the driver that turns the fastest lap during the feature event for the evening at these two race tracks.

All winners of the Competition Carburetion Fast Lap Award at various tracks and series will be entered into a random drawing at the end of the season. The Grand Prize winner will receive a check for $500.

In addition to the Fast Lap Cash Award, two different drivers, one at each track, will be chosen and awarded $250 that makes the longest tow to get to these speedways.

The founder of Competition Carburetion, Bob Oliver, is a former racer who understands the importance of drive ability on the racetrack. Bob has been building carburetors and distributors for over 30 years. Competition Carburetion sells new carburetors and reworks customers’ cores. Competition Carburetion can build your big block, small block, or 602 crate carburetor and distributor to maximize performance. All carburetors are engine checked before shipping.

The BRP Modified Tour is excited to be a part of this program and hopes to continue to be a part of Bob Oliver’s company for years to come.